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Warmduscher strike hot with new single 'Love Strong'

Words by Angelika May

Warmduscher is the band that has had Christian mother’s clutching their rosary beads since their first release “Khaki Tears” in 2015. Always crude, lewd and raucous, “intense” is probably the only valid umbrella term that can be used to represent this group of self-described “reprobates”.

Photo credit: Maisy Banks & Reuben Davies Lindley

Warmduscher have an all American look and feel considering they’re a British post-punk/dance-punk collective, their striking “DeNiro” inspired sleazy appearance, paired with their harsh guitar riffs and filthy lyricism conveys the impression of being previous “Battle of the Bands” contenders that went off the rails. Which bodes well for them considering their upcoming US tour in the spring of this year.

When I first saw them live at Brixton Electric, in November 2022 I was on the fence for a while. The macho sextet, with an almost animalistic stage presence, I had wrongly taken this for a time in earnest. This of course in hindsight is self-professed irony and a parody which should have been obvious, considering their name “Warmduscher,” is a colloquial term for someone being a little bit of a wet wipe.

First impressions are often wrong and I had an inclination from their affiliation with the drag scene, (even using performers during their set) that this might be the case. Over the past few months, my sentiment towards the band have increased and now my walks down Kingsland High Street have been morphed into a stride to the backing track of “Midnight Dipper”. My perspective shifted when I acknowledged the fact that this band is a unique, cultivated and phenomenal amalgamation. Which is sonically driven by the London underground guitar scene and aesthetically inspired by the Ballroom scene, fuelled by debauchery and debauchery alone.

Their new single “Love Strong,” is no exception. Although a shift from their typical sound, more psychedelic, with timings that leave the listener in a suspended state, thanks to the distorted riffs executed by Quicksand (Adam J Harmer) and an untraditional four-four time beat carried by Bleu Ottis. Ottis previously commented that each track is cultivated by a feeling, typically “partying to the track” or “slumping to the track”.

Love Strong,” feels more like a slumper, affirmed by frontman Clams Baker Jr’s (Craig Louis Higgins Jr) lyrics “Late night, on the floor,” “It’s okay it’s just a dream, baby slow down, wait, for the comedown.” The story behind “Love Strong,” is sustaining a position in a world that’s trying to drag you down, typical of Clam’s narrative style, inspired by the bizarre fantasy of reality. The most important sentiment we can take from this track, is that if you “Love Strong,” you’ll do just fine.


Listen to 'Love Strong' here

Warmduscher's North American Tour Dates:

March 10 – British Music Embassy stage @ SXSW, Austin, TX

March 14 – Speedy Wunderground @ Sellers Underground, SXSW, Austin, TX

March 15 – Good Karma Club @ Seven Grand or 13th Floor, Austin, TX

March 18 – Now Wave Stage @ SXSW, Austin , TX

March 20 – Lodge Room, Los Angeles, CA

March 24 – Sleeping Village, Chicago, IL

March 25 – Cactus Club, Milwaukee, MI

March 28 – The Garrison, Toronto, Canada

March 29 – Bar Le Ritz, Montreal, Canada

March 30 – Baby’s, New York, NY

March 31 – DC9, Washington, DC

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