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Body Orchestra share live performance for 'Lucy Wan' on board new art's venue 'Theatreship'

Body Orchestra share a live performance on board new arts venue 'Theatreship' for track 'Lucy Wan', which continues to build the bands growing reputation.

Having recently caught the band live at The Windmill Brixton, lined up guitar, violin, double bass, and drums - Body Orchestra boast a welcomed change to the mass of guitar bands we tend to see on these London stages. The following set delivered a captivating live experience that alternated between meditative and intense passages. Other than a brief pause for a venue blackout, the band skilfully navigated the delicate balance, holding the audience in rapt attention throughout. 

Now, Body Orchestra share a 10-minute performance that is again as delicate as it is brutal. They seem to lock themselves into their musical landscape as much as the audience that is floating alongside them. Vocals from Vincent C Smith compliment the haunting backdrop created by the double bass (Sam Hollis) , violin (Beth Elliott) and drums (Seb Bloom))- For a 10 minute piece, 'Lucy Wan' feels effortless yet filled with creative power.

This video is the second instalment of three - a collaboration with visual artist/sculptor Elfie Frieda, video artist Lula Rousson and filmmaker Joel Court. The session took place in July 2023 onboard ‘Theatreship’ - An exciting new arts venue dedicated to the development of new works and an interest in community aboard an historic ship situated in the heart of Canary Wharf.


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