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ADAER share debut single 'TYOU'

Newly onto the scene but quickly cementing themselves amongst London's thriving experimental scene, electronic-pop duo ADAER share their debut single 'TYOU'.

Comprising of Reuben Lindley (Vocals, Synth, Samplers) and Alice Bradley (vocals, Synth) their music delves into themes of grief and anger; explored through intricate soundscapes and poignant poetic lyrics. For a debut single, there's a depth of artistic maturity that is on offer here.

Accompanying the track is a music video directed by Lindley.

On the track, ADAER say “In our single TYOU, we draw on a time of feeling alienated from those closest to you. Focusing on the retrospective regret of losing a loved one, be that a romantic or physical loss, we attempt to create a sound that flows through the intense turmoil of grief. Each synth draws on memories, adding a layer of nostalgia that results in a texture reminiscent of the overwhelming emotion we feel throughout this experience.”


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