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The Lovelines stun again with single 'Make Believe'

Brother and sister duo, The Lovelines return with a glistening new single 'Make Believe'

'Make Believe' is the latest single from the brother/sister duo based out of Orlando, FL. “Tessa D” is the band’s singer; her brother Todd Goings is the band’s songwriter and instrumentalist.

After the duo's previous releases 'Dark Thoughts About a Pretty Flower' and 'Strange Kind of Love', we've now grown to expect a offering of simplistic beauty, laced with pure character from the Lovelines, a theme that's become such an apparent reoccurrence.

'Make Believe', like it's predecessors, does not disappoint these expectations. Sitting at just 2 minutes long, we're instantly rocked into a false lullaby - offering dreams of a simply better place - Tessa D will take you with her, wether you like it or not, while you dream of make believe.


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