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Tapir! tease debut album with single 'My God'

Words by Angelika May

"My God” is the latest parable to be proclaimed in the gospel according to Tapir! (Thanks be to God). This serves as a precursor to their album, “The Pilgrim, Their God, and the King of My Decrepit Mountain”, set to be released on the 26th of January. It is also the first track to be taken from the Act III EP, which concludes a series of three acts leading up to their debut album.

My God”, exudes an abundance of esotericism and eccentricity, offering intricate and thorough conceptions that make you want to crack open their crimson, mammalian heads in an attempt to understand their process. The track conveys a sense of joie de vivre, as Ike Gray’s (vocals/guitar) reverent lyricism celebrates the mundane, yet tranquil aspects of banality: “waking up with intuition going back to sleep, rumination, premonitions that you’ll never keep, that’s my God.” Gray possesses an exquisite ability to weave an intrinsic narrative with brooding lyrics in an accessible manner.

"My God’ intends to promote persistence to carry on even when the world feels rotten" - Ike Gray

The acoustic melody complements Gray’s textured vocals, and the chorus that adds a velvety, holy quality, carries the listener in this dream-like state, acting as a pacifier to any anxieties we possess in this spoilt world. However, the use of a cutting snare to maintain the track’s pace occasionally feels off-kilter, disrupting the reverie. For a track as gentle as this one, the presence of the snare felt like a juxtaposition.

The track is accompanied by a wonderful claymation by the brilliant LA-based artist collective, “Everything is Terrible”. This claymation exemplifies the band’s diverse abilities to explore music in conjunction with theatre, mythology, art, and storytelling. The whimsical claymation, depicts The Pilgrim’s discovering a gigantic egg, filled with mystery and promises of salvation, which aligns perfectly with certain lyrics that express the god-like qualities of commercialism. Cracking the egg, or succumbing to consumerism, has its consequences, as the landscape becomes soaked with yolk. However, The Pilgrim emerges clean and dry, lush forestry protruding from his body, instilling us a sense of optimism that even when there is an excess of yolk, faith of some sort can help you out of a sticky, runny mess.


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