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Sister Wanzala Are Back With New Track 'Perfume'

Words by Ursa Gregson

Sister Wanzala have shared latest single 'Perfume', a hazy dream-pop cut inspired by Fleetwood Mac and Cocteau Twins. Eighties-style drum machines and a romantic melodic hook pinpoint the sound, a new direction for the group. Sister Wanzala are three brothers - Patrick, Chris and Mark Wanzala, hailing from London.

The band's hilariously self-deprecating press release is a joy and a terror to read - "Despite their relentless failures as a band to date, the band remain strangely optimistic about Perfume with Patrick telling Reuters: “in rehearsal the chorus always almost makes me well up a bit, so it must be doing something?” When pressed about the song’s meaning he says “I don’t know” which shows he still has a long way to go.

The band intend to drip feed singles to their single-figure-fanbase for the next few years before putting themselves out of their misery and taking up golf like all their friends." - but they do themselves a disservice; 'Perfume' is a beauty.

Listen to 'Perfume' below:


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