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Scarlett Woolfe share's debut 'Poor Suzy'

Words by Angelika May

Scarlett Woolfe amplifies a fervent outcry through her inaugural single ‘Poor Suzy’, simultaneously championing the enduring battle against injustices suffered by women - women lost, women abused and women struggling. This advocacy extended to her latest fundraising event on December 17th at The George Tavern, serving as an observance of the aforementioned single complemented by poetry, music and stories shared by underrepresented women. 

Photo Credit: Lula Rousson

Concurrently, the event strives to garner support for women contending with the daunting effects of domestic abuse, combine celebratory elements with purposeful aid. This amalgamation underscores the intrinsic connection between art and activism. Narratively, the track abounds with pathetic fallacy, where the song’s inclement setting, “Poor Suzy, lying in the Snow,” amplifies the relentless harshness of feminist politics and the ennui accompanying women’s daily challenges.

Photo Credit: Lula Rousson

In speaking about the song, Woolfe articulates, “This song is for my grandmothers. This song is for survivors. This song is for all women, past, present and future who have struggled and who are struggling.

Within this narrative of abject circumstances, we are provided with a sonic resonance of a tumultuous symphony of female rage, vividly personified through Woolfe’s masterful construction of a world, or in this case, a void. Woolfe’s resplendent and ethereal vocals, subtly submerged beneath the relentless tide of amplified, distorted guitar lines, serve as an anthem for the silenced, contending with and echoing the surrounding environment. ‘Poor Suzy’ emerges as a soundtrack resonating with women’s quest to reclaim autonomy and assert control over their lives. RIP Sylvia Plath, you would have loved Scarlett Woolfe. 


Listen to 'Poor Suzy' here

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