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Orions Belte share rhythmic new single "Silhouettes"

Words by Jed Morgans

The Norwegian trio add another notch to the belt, sharing the new single 'Silhouettes' and returning from their recent North American bout.

Orions Belte creates music that can pull in listeners of anything from !!! to Khruangbin, or Can to darker corners of the Light In the Attic or Stones Throw catalogues. While reminiscing eras they haven’t experienced, and trying to navigate in their own musical atmosphere, their music remains chaotic and calm at the same time.

This is witnessed once again within their newest offering 'Silhouettes', the trio of Øyvind Blomstrøm (guitar), Chris Holm (bass), and Kim Åge Furuhaug (drums) combine effortlessly to produce a dark, atmospheric blanket for the cacophony strings and soaring riffs to be let loose in a dreamy explosion.


Listen to "Silhouettes" out on Jansen Records

Orions Belte:

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