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Organic Pete & The Herbs have released their free-flowing, genre-wrangling, topsy-turvy debut E.P

Words by Ursa Gregson

Organic Pete is a wonder. He wrote, played, sung, produced and mixed every single thing on the record. And there are a lot of things on the record. Each song is its own bizarre tapestry; as soon as you think you've got the sound pegged, it mutates into some other facet of Organic Pete's soul, jazz, Brazilian, groove, hip-hop, classic, electro, cluttered and scintillating world.

(That Was Then This Is Now cover photo)

From the strange pop-soul of 'Every Time I Kiss You I Hear Music' which recalls everything from Tune-Yards and Moondog to Paolo Nutini and Corinne Bailey-Rae, to the sly house groove and hip-hop leanings of 'I LOVE THE PRETTY GIRLS', the record swings playfully from one sentiment to the next whilst maintaining its mood of tongue-in-cheek nostalgia, reflection and hopefulness.

'A Song for Sad People (a song to make you cry)' features a beautiful vocal performance from Pete and a double-bass take that evokes wistful cafe-jazz, summer rain and equally wistful Parisians letting their coffee go cold. 'you said it' is simply a funky breakbeat rumination on sending risky texts that draws on current UK jazz, the staccato, deep-pocket electric keys of Joe Armon-Jones or the cool-jazz stylings of Tom Misch and Oscar Jerome.

'Type of Guy' is a slow burn, groove-based number with impeccably mixed cowbells and a glitchy, naughty R&B delivery, erratic vocal samples and sexy drum machines tying the whole thing down. The record's 'bon voyage' is final track 'Just Keep Going', a sweetly motivational mama-always-said offering that swells into a New Orleans shuffle, walking bassline and all, and evolves into a gorgeously wry jazz piece featuring a perfectly placed trumpet solo.

'THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW' is a strange and wonderful gem and a remarkable feat by Organic Pete, an entity of many talents and just as many hands. You can stream the EP now, buy some Organic Pete & The Herbs organic socks from their website and watch some brilliant music videos and animations at their website here. We advise you most formidably to do so!

Listen to 'That Was Then, This Is Now' HERE


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