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Max Fulcrum & The Win share first live offering 'Deep End'

As one sun falls, another shall rise - In this case, as we watch through the highly anticipated first offering from london's Max Fulcrum & The Win, the reincarnation of recently disbanded group Fake Turins, we dwell not on the former setting, but eagerly await the arrival of what is soon to rise.

Watch 'Deep End' by Max Fulcrum & The Win, live from Crouch End Studios:

The official birth of 'Max Fulcrum & The Win' came in the form of a Crouch End Studios live session, engineered by Rollo Smallcombe & Sarah-Jayne Reidel. With subtle hints of the finesse we're used to hearing from Fake Turins, we're teased into 'Deep End' with, video and audio alike, a much more self-contained, yet elegant and stylish offering, leaving us hungry to consume more.

With live slots at Outer Town Festival (Bristol), Wanderfal Festival (Cornwall) and Sounds From the Other City (Salford) already confirmed, we can expect to see a lot more from Max Fulcrum & The Win.


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Catch Fake Turins for the final time this June 8th @ The Village Underground

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