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Kowloon share's new single 'This Dream'

'This Dream' is the latest offering from the Californian musician and Filmmaker Kowloon.

His debut album 'Come Over', recoded in the outskirts of the city of CA features vintage synths, drum machines and powerful bass lines, taking influences from the likes of Talking Heads and Peter Gabriel.

Kowloon's latest single echoes this, calling on post-apocalyptic trance like melodies that are carried through on a wave of 80's dream pop. The contrasting dread-filled vocal line make this a particularly enjoyable listen. We feel cautiously welcomed into this song just enough to feel the outpour of Kowloon's past, yet comfortable enough still, to sit back and let it wash over.

Having cemented himself with his debut album as a songwriter to watch out for, 'The Dream' makes us even more anticipated to see what will come next.


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