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Kitty Fitz shares her biting new track ‘Mean’

Words by James Mellen

London’s Kitty Fitz has returned with brand-new single ‘Mean’, a fresh taste of debut upcoming EP: ‘All My Own Stunts’, arriving April 20th via Sad Club Records.

Photo by Lily Doidge

The EP is set to explore more of her vulnerability than ever, paired with slick pop production and delectably infectious hooks. Her woozy, dreamlike brand of pop feels fresh, and this new cut (following previous single ‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)’) sets a serious precedent for her forthcoming output.

‘Mean’ is bursting with colourful production, her unique angle on alt-pop seeing Fitz channelling influences from across the musical spectrum. 80s undertones dominate the low end of the track, the sparkling synthesisers throughout are reminiscent of a modern-meets-nostalgia sound, then the intro strings have almost noise and leftfield electronica features. Her vocal work throughout ‘Mean’ is also effortless, velveteen, her voice sitting comfortably atop of the rich instrumental – also produced by her.

Kitty Fitz is someone boasting a ridiculous arsenal of talent. When she’s not playing bass in Prima Queen, her knack for hooks and a golden ear on the production front shines through, a truly unique force in the alt-pop sphere. Her upcoming EP is guaranteed to send Kitty Fitz to new heights, on both the artistry and production end. The nonstop work ethic and relentless musical output is a not-so-secret weapon now but shows that Kitty Fitz is truly on her way to becoming one of the names in the indie scene.


Kitty Fitz:

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