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Kitty Fitz Shares Dance Floor Filler ‘I Want Your Love (Oh My God!)’

Perhaps seen more recently as the bassist from the all-female indie/alternative rock band Prima Queen, Kitty Fitz is bursting back onto the scene with her new single 'I want Your Love (Oh My God!)

Photo Credit: Lily Doidge

Described as a track about the giddy and intoxicating feeling of crushing on someone, this electro-pop floor-filler shares this attitude throughout. A some-what reserved beat keeping the just gone 3 minute hit together, sets the tone of the song from the start. That feeling of 'shyness' is soon forgotten when the wear-it-on-your-sleeve chorus opens up into an incredibly catchy release, only to be drawn straight back and into another restrained verse. Kitty's Vocals, as we've heard from previous releases, never fail to shine through as an effortlessly emotional outpour.

“I hate being vulnerable so this song was probably one I was most scared to release!”

Accompanied by a halloween-filled cinematic video, Kitty & the directors drew inspiration from their favourite films such as Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and classic funny B-movie horror tropes. Kitty notes: “We filmed it on Halloween weekend which made it extra spooky, and it felt especially risky doing a fake summoning in a pentagram. We shot for over 12 hours straight, driving and running from one location to another, and we were lucky enough that the rain cleared for the exact moment we were banking on capturing; the sunrise over the water.”

Check out the video for I Want Your Love (Oh My God!) below:

As a new addition to the fantastic Sad Club Records family, joining the likes of Buggs, John Myrtle, Clara Mann, and Ellie Beach, it's clear Kitty Fitz has found her home, and is undoubtably just getting started on her long solo road.


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