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Joseph Pancucci's White Devil Disco release debut single 'Dog'

Words by Elvis Thirlwell

The latest gem to emerge from those fertile plains South of the Thames, seven-pieced White Devil Disco debut marvellously with slimy and sinuous boogie, “Dog”.

Credit: Spela Cedilnik

Formed just last summer in South-East London by ex Fat White Family member Joseph Pancucci, this sub-three minute breeze combos the small-‘p’ psych of Sunglasses for Jaws with that urbane Warmduschian neo-disco for a hair-curling sojourn to a jaded dance floor. There’s plenty of subtle charms here too. Taking it’s lyrical inspiration from a poem written by the aforementioned’s late grandmother in The Year Of Our Dystopia 1984, it’s the ambiguous blend of the brooding with the buoyant here that makes ‘Dog’ so irresistibly repeatable.


Listen to 'Dog'

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