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Glassmanet share micro-album music video 'Glassplanet'

Norwegian audio-visual artist Glassmanet welcomes us on a suboceanic journey through 8 tiny tracks of dream pop, psych rock, indie and grunge!

With a selection of singles already released, the diverse and experimental sound of Glassmanet has become notorious for the Norwegian-based artist. 2023 brings, perhaps, the most ambitious project yet, 8 mini tracks, combined to make a 'micro-album' in the form of one music video.

Not too dissimilar to artists such as PinkPantheress, Glassmanet describes their songwriting as "composing tiny eclectic sound waves for short attention spans". Aside from the unusual format for this release, the 8 tracks of 'Glassplanet' complement each other exceptionally, floating in and out of a daze with nods to Cocteau Twins and Echo & The Bunnymen subtly present.

Watch below:

Referred to as ”One of Norway’s most interesting artists of the moment” by the Swedish music magazine Zero, Glassmanet is one to get into.


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