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Gag Salon share new cut 'Fishyman Pt.1'

A barrage of Post-punk frenzy, laced together with tight-knit pockets of inexorable silk. Gag Salon take us on a 4-minute tour of their chaotic world.

Credit: Louis Jean La-Grange

Since Gag Salon's 2022 debut E.P 'Get a Load of This Guy', The London-based Eccentric art-rock quartet have been cementing a name for themselves among the indie DIY scene as a band that you wouldn't bet a penny on predicting what they might produce next, forever shaking up the mould of songwriting with discordant and juxtaposing phrases.

Released via the ever-growing and always reliable Blitzcat Records, 'Fishyman Pt.1', part of a 2-part Fishyman series, has the band producing, perhaps, the most intricate form of their well-rounded chaos yet. Leaving nothing unturned, the new single has moments of raucous energy that, as quickly as it began, is sucked back in and spat out with a more charted jazz-esque feeling.

Frontman Joseph Mumford describes the song as “A very popular boy I went to school with

suddenly stopped coming in one day. Weeks went by with nobody hearing from him until one fateful day, a girl came shrieking into assembly, screaming that she’d heard his voice

coming from the toilet bowl - he was singing. This song is kind of my own interpretation

of what might have happened to him...”

Gag Salon celebrate the release of the Fishyman series at a free show at Sebright Arms on October 28th.


Tickets for Gag Salon @ Sebright Arms / Oct 28th

Listen to Fishyman Pt.1

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