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Companions share new single 'Snowbank'

Words by Anya Rose

When I had my first encounter with Companions new single ‘Snowbank’, I was wandering

around in my socks, Pottering about the wooden decking which backs out into the wild

countryside of my childhood home. As their intimate vocals faded away and the ethereal instrumentals grew louder I tilted my head back and wiggled my chilly toes, looking up at the new leaves on the trees. Inspired by the song, I paid attention to the sweet nature around me for the first time in too long.

Photo credit: Francesca McConnell

Although written during a snowy February, 'Snowbank’ sounds like the first sprouts of spring,

giving us an insight as what to expect from their debut album ‘Second Day of Spring’ coming May 27th. This gentle yet confident 3rd single will get you as excited as I already am to hear more from Companions.

The Colorado-based twins have been singing together since the age of 14, Sophia and Jo Babb have channeled their shared experience of exponential loss into this beautiful collaboration. ‘Snowbank’ directs our attention to the little things, with lyrics written in such a way that allows us to journey alongside their honeyed voices. Guiding our attention to that of nature and our own presence, backed by acoustics and lasting orchestral notes.

Photo credit: Francesca McConnell

If you enjoyed Daughter’s 2011 EP or have a soft spot for The Milk Carton Kids, then Companion is definitely for you. Sophia and Jo’s music, although born out of their shared past, guides us into the present, almost to a state of mindfulness. Furthermore, these two young women haven’t just released a wonderful single, which was also produced by an all-female team. They also accompanied it with a video by Gaia Alari - A triumphant collaboration that seamlessly joins the separate entities of sound and vision. The

piece is made up of hand-drawn frame-by-frame animation depicting sleepy buds appearing, and sunlight streaming through cupped hands.


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