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Cardinals sign to So Young Records and share single 'Roseland'

Words by Jed Morgans

The blend of effervescent 80s indie vibes and the ambitious fusion of shoegaze, Irish trad folk, and alternative elements leads to a band unafraid to experiment with their sound. Title and music alike, "Roseland" has a certain charm to it, conjuring images of a place filled with nostalgia and perhaps a touch of mystery.

The Irish-based 6 piece have been gradually honing their craft since their self released "Amsterdam" and its B-side "The Brow". Now signed to So Young Records for their official debut, newly birthed as a label yet already building a credible reputation for supporting some new music's finest emerging bands, "Roseland" is the culmination of this journey and a release from the steadily built anticipation that has been in alignment.

Frontman Euan Manning speaks on the song "Roseland is the name of a ballroom in NYC, I took it from a Portishead poster I had hanging on my wall growing up. I think I was trying to write a folk song about Cork city and a story that took place there. It touches on some new aspects of our music, so it felt right to have it as our next release."

"Roseland" is a promising single that not only reflects the band's influences but also hints at their potential to shape the musical landscape in their own.


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