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Black Bordello share Julian Shah Tayler’s Remix of 'Nunhead', featuring Bauhaus’ David J Haskins

Two years on from the release of their fan-favourite 'Nunhead', Black Bordello team up with Julian Shah Tayler and Bauhaus' David J Haskins to produce a masterful remix.

In the realm of musical alchemy, composer and songwriter Julian Shah-Tayler has masterfully transmuted the theatrical rock Black Bordello have become known for into a haunting industrial march.. From the onset, much of the original has gone and an underbelly of synths and jagged guitars sit's in its place. Sienna Bordello's ever recognisable vocals float above the mix, adding an otherworldly quality to the track.

The collaboration with David J Haskins, renowned for his work with Bauhaus, brings a unique depth to the composition. The bass-lines, characteristic of Haskins' distinctive style, intertwine seamlessly with Shah-Tayler's vision, forming a symbiotic relationship that elevates the entire musical experience.

Overall, Julian Shah-Tayler's remix of 'Nunhead' is a mesmerising journey into the depths of industrial music. With its haunting melodies, swirling synths, and ethereal vocals, it stands as a testament to Shah-Tayler's innovative production style and his ability to push boundaries. It's a track that demands repeat listens and further exploration, revealing new layers of depth with each subsequent play.


Listen to the remix of 'Nunhead' here

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