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Across the HIDEOUS pond...

We've been keeping our ears pricked for some of the finest offerings the US has to share, here are a few of our picks...

Aisha Badru - 'Lazy River'

Minimalist and restrained, yet packed full of character and emotions - Aisha Badru, shares the first cut from her upcoming E.P. 'Learning To Love Again'. "It’s this freeing of myself and allowing myself to try things that people would not expect of me,” she says of her vocals. “I feel more comfortable not meeting those expectations."

'Lazy River' is out now, and 'Leaning To Love Again' is out on the 2nd of June.


The Overhead Bins - 'Cinderblocks'

New York's Math-rock trio 'The Overhead Bins' ease into their new single 'Cinderblocks' with a comfortable familiarity of the style we've come to expect from their previous releases. A feeling of Reminiscence with every vocal whisper, this track takes you on a mind's journey.

Listen to 'Cinderblocks' here.


Believers - 'What Hands'

An entanglement of delicate repetitive guitar riffs, and minimalist synths that wouldn't be out of place in a dance record makes up the new single 'What Hands' from dream-pop artist Believers. Connan Mockasin-esque vocals softly pierce through the forest of background sounds to create not only an enjoyable but intriguing listen. “Such devastation as a life passes through/The obscuration of the makings of you.” says Believers.


Skinny Dippers - 'Boat On The Water'

New York based Skinny Dippers, led by singer-songwriter Ryan Gross share 'Boat On The Water. A track that captivates from the very start, with tongue-in-cheek lyrics, and a backwash of bleeding guitars. This single is taken from the group's latest album 'The Town & The City', recorded/produced by TOLEDO and mixed by Jay Som.


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