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A look back at IVW 2023, Alien Chicks at The Windmill, Brixton

Words by Angelika May

Photography by Anya Rose

I managed to catch my first Alien Chick’s gig over the course of Independent venue week. This festival, celebrates grassroots music and arts in London and the US. Every year, over two hundred venues take part in this scheme which includes some of the most prominent in the London music scene. The aim of the festival is to showcase how vital these spaces are for local communities, this gig (which took place on a Monday night) at The Windmill demonstrated this superbly. Independent Venue Week is all about connection, establishing bonds between each other, your community and the artists that you love.

Kinship had never been so strongly felt at The Windmill as it did on at this show, dedicated gig goers packed the venue so tightly many resorted to standing on chairs, squeezing themselves up against the bar, weedling into any nook and cranny they could find. I wasn’t alone in my astonishment, it seemed that the bands were equally impressed at the energy of the crowd on a school night.

Kicking off the night, we had Lipfiller, an indie-punk five piece who set the tone with an energetic set that rilled the crowd up from the get go. Subsequently followed by Cowboyy, I was pleasantly surprised by this four piece experimental rock group, contrary to their eclectic school boy appearances, this band was far from elementary. Cowboyy provided a cultivated sound with masterful riffs executed so well, even Van Halen would be proud.

Last but certainly not least, we were graced with the punk-rock presence of Alien Chicks, their live set is incomparable to anything recorded, this is a band you have to see live. Masterfully puppeteering the crowd, Joseph Lindley is the perfect front man, igniting an energy that resulted in sweaty circle pits and debauchery.

The trio work in perfect harmony, their dynamic relationship is particularly charming. It’s clear that they are each other’s biggest fans. Alien Chick’s have a very personable relationship with their crowd, there were glimmer’s of this particularly with Stefan Parker-Steel (bass) who went in so far as to share the mic with certain fans. The set-list was executed faultlessly, easing us in with “Frames”, before performing fan favourites such as “Woodlouse”, which sent the room into a hysteria.

Rightly predicted, it seems that their new single “Cowboy” is indeed set to be a new fan favourite, although the single never felt empty and the Latin flow was consistent, it was a shame we weren’t able to hear Benjamin Vize’s sax live.

I left the gig on a high, particularly due to being completely spellbound by Martha Daniel’s (drums) performance, her contagious energy and impeccable beats are unmatched. Practically, Daniels is at the top of her game and one of the most impressive drummers on the current music scene, she is definitely one to watch.

Alien Chick’s hard work and dedication was so poignant, it’s clear to see how the band have manoeuvred through the scene so quickly with a loyal cult following, which I can now say I have been converted to.



Tickets for Alien Chicks upcoming Lexington headline show here.

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