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Surf Harp share third album 'Language is Lost'

Baltimore and Osaka-based 5-piece Surf Harp share their third studio album 'Language is Lost', a richly arranged, exotica-inspired dreamscape.

It's difficult to pin point the exact sound Surf Harp are portraying in their most recent album. Usually, this is a course for great success and that is true again in this case. From track 1 to 13, we hear an abundance of styles and influences, ranging from dark undertones of folk to left field dreamscape and a mix of post-punk to Americana.

Album highlights include the more dreamscape track 'Factory', which has band showing their depth in arranging and composing. A subtle yet intriguing string section carries this track before slowly breaking down into a sense of held together looseness.

Lead track 'Precious Decisions' is a drastic shift sonically from the band’s previous work. “Precious Decisions” maintains themes familiar to the band, challenging the constructs that determine our place in the post-modern economic reality… “If my glass is empty, why does his still have wine?”

A perfectly executed vocal delivery is accompanied by a loose sax line, not too dissimilar to a style heard delivered in Donny Benét's 'Konichiwa'.

The music video for “Precious Decisions” stars the band's own Philip Bolton, as he playfully recites a story to a miniature clone puppet while coming to an agreement to make one of the most precious decisions of all—to co-write and record a song together. The video depicts an intimate and isolated relationship, challenging the viewer to consider if the puppet is actually involved in the creative process or is merely a reflection of the artist that lies dormant within.

'Language is Lost' should be listened as a whole, delving into each track as a journey. A refreshing collection of songs from an incredibly exciting new band.


Listen to 'Language is Lost' here.

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