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Pink Eye Club shares new single ' 'Same Job For Three Years'

Words by Angelika May

Welcome to…disco reality, or daily affirmations presented to you by Pink Eye Club.

Photo Credit: Camille Alexander

Sometimes us humans find ourselves in a rut, surrounded by people who don’t have our best interests at heart and haven’t a clue what they’re prattling on about. We trap ourselves in a labyrinth of mediocre jobs and mediocrity in general and often think “what the fuck am I doing with my life,” which we can only gain perspective on when an outsider, an impartial party, gives the voice of reason.

That voice is Haydn Davies, more commonly known as Pink Eye Club and his manifesto (or latest single), “Same Job For Three Years” has just been released on all streaming platforms. Forget “9 to 5”, this song is your new morning motivation, listen to it whilst brushing your teeth, filing your self-assessment tax form, or walking to get your oat flat white. Wherever you take this song with you, you’ll be sticking it to the man.

What I love so much about Pink Eye Club, is that his songs are reminiscent of the humourist movement, where artists like John Dowie (a pioneer of alternative comedy) blurred the lines between music and comedy. It’s this same observational humour that is present in these early comedians' work, that make Pink Eye Club so authentic and relatable. I laughed out loud at this song, memories past and present of dealing with customers who are “fucking dicks” flooded back and prompted a thought that this universal concept, (the absurdism of working to pay your way, in an industry you hate) hits differently when not told in a nuanced fashion.

It’s pieces of music such as this, that make you laugh about the absurdity of it, not cry in a corner at the toll of a weary life. This banging house track is one to get you out of your existential rut, or at least be able to laugh about it.


Listen to “Same Job For Three Yearshere:

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