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Personal Trainer Announce Debut Album With Single 'The Lazer'

Words by Dominic Rose

The infectious joy that immediately emanates from Amsterdam based pop group Personal Trainer recalls the baggy beats & huge refrains of the mid noughties dance-punk era. This youthful abandon categorizes not just their sound, but also their ethos to the entire music making experience.


Fronted & composed by Willem Smit, the group takes its approach towards music as one centered around inclusion - with a previously rotating cast of players in their band “The Lazer” became a response to that. “Can you play an A chord and a D chord? Do you want to be in my band? was the vibe” recounts Willem, expressing more than just a songwriting structure. The feeling of immediate unity focused on just two chords is apparent - with voices cheering in refrain & the idea of a party happening just behind the scenes cementing the rambunctious tone that all Personal Trainer songs have become synonymous with.

The lineage of this approach is born from like-minded NY punk disco, with sonic reference to DFA Records staples and all of their associates. Much like those bands in their youth 15 years ago, Personal Trainer strike a chord (or two) with something beyond composition. The bottled sound of fervent energy, encapsulating the burgeoning Amsterdam indie scene. The artwork even captures this spirit, featured as a framed photo Willem himself drew when young. Perhaps the philosophy here is about rekindling the abandon & absurdity of childish whim, and that pure creation is an inclusive force. Or better yet, perhaps there’s no philosophy at all and we should just party to this devastatingly good song.

Watch the video below:



Catch Personal Trainer headlining on the following dates:


2 The Crescent, York

3 The Windmill, London

16 L'International, Paris

17 Botanique, Brussels *

24 Hedon, Zwolle *

26 Ooterpoort, Groningen *

30 Maassilo, Rotterdam *


2 Paard, Den Haag *

8 Tivolivredenburg, Utrecht *

10 :013, Tilburg *

13 Muziekgieterij, Maastricht *

16 Doornroosje, Nijmegen *

17 Doornroosje, Nijmegen *

18 Doornroosje, Nijmegen *

* w/De Staat

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