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NYC jangle-pop hero JW Francis releases new single 'Going Home To A Party'

Words by Tom McGhie

Oklahoma-born JW Francis’ Going Home to a Party is the sixth and most likely final single from forthcoming album ‘Dream House’, set for release on 27th January via Sunday Best Recordings.

Photo Credit: Meg McConville

Francis’ latest is quicker in tempo than the four previous album offerings, driven by skittish drums and JW Francis’ signature impatient guitars, while hooky vocals command the limelight. Elsewhere playful synths contribute to the cartoonish, good-time vibes that are present in so much of the New York-based slack-rocker’s discography.

I wanna free our little minds, and our bodies too. Party every night,” sings Francis on the chorus. It’s pretty harmless, non-offensive stuff, but when paired with the infectious melodies that Francis bleeds it offers glorious escapism. In this instance the surreal indie-pop unfurls like a late summer’s evening, leading the listener somewhere equal parts familiar and entirely from the beyond.

The strange universe that Francis occupies so convincingly is reinforced by a music video that sees him play Bob Ross (who he bears an alarming resemblance to), Steve from Blue's Clues and Mr Rodgers. “I wanted the video to have a lot of references related to how people perceive me. I've been compared to all three of the main characters in the video,” said Francis.

The track’s slick production feels like a conscious push into the realm of commercialism, a departure from the ethereal psych and lo-fi aspects that characterise Francis’ preceding output. Indeed, Going Home to a Party’s driving rhythms are recycled from an 80s hit of yesteryear. “The beat for example is a sped up version of the beat from The Whole of the Moon by the Waterboys,” added Francis. “It’s a song that has a lot of references to it.”

This going-through-the-gears feels effortless for Francis, who over the last three years has established himself as one of New York’s cult indie-heroes. The looming release of the ‘Dream House’ LP looks set to enhance his reputation further.


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