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Meadow Meadow Pique Interest for Upcoming Album with Single ‘Rain’

Words by Augustus Lindsay

Taking a sharp turn away from their previous incarnation as half of Spring King, Peter Darlington and James Green’s new project Meadow Meadow replaces fuzzed out guitars and high-paced drums with soft keys, and bowed strings. Their most recent single comes in the form of a beautifully textured elegy for London, simply titled ‘Rain’. The simplicity of the title is well reflected throughout the song.

Meadow Meadow are not childishly eager to impress but instead willing to take time offering up a more developed medley of sound and structure. The song opens with an uncomplicated line poignantly delivered “Rain rolling across the Thames” setting us in place for the duration. It’s a big-picture-small-picture song concerned with duality. It uses the expansive city and a broken pair of lovers as metaphors for each other. The river acts as a paring line. The story passes through a day and a night. It is to do with division and completion. Separation and whole. Two and one. Meadow and Meadow.

"This idea of the city being cut in two halves really struck me and that's when the lyrics began to arrive" - Peter (Meadow Meadow)

Sonically it is rich; beautifully textured and symphonic in feel. There is a wonderful pairing of contemporary synthetic sounds with warmer, more organic instrumentation - further stressing the dualities already present. ‘Rain’ is the first glimpse of the duo’s promised debut album which I, for one, will be patiently awaiting.


Listen to Meadow Meadow's 'Rain' here

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