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Max Max Fulcrum & The Win share debut "I Could Change"

Words by Angelika May

Dominic Rose has entered the next phase of his metamorphosis. Formerly known as the frontman of Fake Turins, he has now cultivated a Lynchian oneiric symposium in his debut track, “I Could Change” under the new project, Max Fulcrum and the Win.

The track Rose’s eclectism, where his signature theatricalities have sustained yet transformed into a captivating fusion of electronic, electronic, disco and cinematic scoring.

I Could Change”, exudes a distinct sci-fi overtone, reminiscent of David Bowie’s final album, Blackstar. The electronic undertones add depth, infusing the track with a strong futuristic element and a dream-like quality thanks to the use of synths (Marcus Herne) and distorted guitar lines (Miles Valentine). These extended, sustained chords create an atmosphere replete with ethereal textures evoking a vast, hollow space where this track lives. When combined with Rose’s vocal delivery, comparable to Sugar Bone (Confidence Man), and his minimal yet thought-provoking lyrics, it results in the brilliant simplicity characteristic of bands such as LCD Soundsystem, renowned for their intricate compositions and minimalist lyricism.

Rose’s skill in manipulating genres is evident in this track, with guitar lines transitioning seamlessly from psych-rock to eerie, drawn-out tones, showcasing Rose’s dexterity in creating a hybrid sound.

The disbandment of Fake Turins, though a mournful occasion, has paved the way for Rose to embark on new sonic possibilities with Max Fulcrum and The Win.


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