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KEG Share New Single ‘Elephant’

Words by Scott Curtis

Fresh off a string of successful festival performances, which included a rabble rousing barnstormer at The Great Escape, and the question “ have you listened to KEG’s EP?” being one of the most prevalent questions at London indie venues last year; the Brighton based seven piece stir the pot once again with new single ‘Elephant’.

The second single from forthcoming EP ‘Girders’ (out 2/09/22 on Alcopop/BMG) continues their upward trajectory to heavenly new heights, even if their music sounds as devilish as always. It is a definitive step up professionally on an already well crafted sound that borrows and develops from a musical smorgasbord. With a strong guiding hand from engineer Daniel Fox, influences as disparate as from soul to no-wave act like complementary colours on a Jackson Pollock. 

Previously it was mainly KEG’s live shows that truly distinguished them from their post-punk peers such as Folly Group, Squid, Talk Show and English Teacher. However, with each new release they seem to be honing their ability to bring their eccentric live energy to record and as a result making them a wholly singular group. 

"Elephantine in rhythm, an excessive foray into our sillier instrumental faculties. Loosely written about a mass camel cull in Australia, sniped from a helicopter." Keg’s latest release really makes you question whether lyrics need to have any basis in reality at all, there really is no point in meaning when it sounds so complementary. The band seem to aim to make complex sound sculptures rather than straightforward songs, all of which put you in the shoes of others rather than just being an audience member. It's not about thinking what it means but feeling it. Don’t worry if that sounds too esoteric for you though as most of their output rarely passes the three minute mark. Modern art for music. Take that how you will. Dadaists or musical Vic and Bob, both are equally as relevant here.

Music as art comes across as a keen focus for this band, the visuals are just as important as the tracks they produce. They aren’t the first to do so, obviously, but the approach certainly strikes you as unique. I mean, when have you seen a horror film version of Humpty Dumpty? Like their music this video by Jay Bartlett leaves you in a mysterious space between whimsy and terror. It is a wonderful shot  across the bowes against the urban outfitter zealots of recent years with videos that are drowned in filters and meticulously planned “we don’t care” chic. No more dull drudgery especially when you have such exciting descriptions of their video from lead singer Albert Haddenham saying; "Inspired by Tom and Jerry and Michelin dining, we hope you enjoy our papier-mâché dreamscape.".

Watch the music video here:

In the days when logic and reason, black and white thinking, madness being labeled as practical sense, it feels quite refreshing to have music that pushes the boundaries of basic human understanding. 

Keg are taking music to its most abstract and primordial. Don’t think about it too much, just listen and enjoy… then maybe, three hours later, have a drunken conversation with your mate about what on earth actually happened.


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