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Joseph Futak’s lullabies: ‘Bank Robber’s Song/This Morning’.

Written by Augustus Carse

Music for waking; Futak offers two pieces in this release, each gentle and dark in their beauty.

Photo Credit: Sebastian Garraway

Well-paired with one another, they are saturated by and centred around a humming, near growled vocal. ‘Bank Robber’s Song’ bears forth a cool symphony; rising, swelling, and finally dropping sleepily into ‘This Morning’. For its part ‘This Morning’ is built around a four-note lift. It’s a deeply simple, but effective recurrent line, reflected directly in the lyrical melody.

Writing these songs marked a refreshing change in my approach to my own music - stripping back pretence and focussing on the minute details of what makes us tick" - Joseph Futak

Each of these tunes could be dismissed as ‘dreary’ or ‘slow’ - both reasonable accusations if you tried to play them for your friends. But in the right context they hit a strong note. These are singles for the 5am train. They hint at Daniel Romano’s use of orchestral backing - teetering but not quite boiling over. Joseph Futak is possibly one to keep an eye on, and I would love to hear him attempt something more ambitious as he certainly possesses the musical aptitude. Constraint is a word that describes these tracks well; and although it is inherent in their machinations, perhaps he needs to demonstrate less of it. Let it rip. Let it boil over. Let it crash and fall. I, for one, will be looking forward to the next release.


Listen to ‘Bank Robber Song’ and ‘This Morning’ here:

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