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Hideously USA....

Every week we stumble upon a new selection of fresh finds from around the world. This week, we have the pleasure of delving deeper into the US pool of music - Country, Shoegaze and Indie tracks, all in this week's Hideously Fresh...

  • Loser Company - Viviarium

Loser Company are brother-sister duo Mas Kihira & Will Saunders based out of Michigan. Since their debut E.P. 'Blueberry Sky' and hit single of the same title, Loser Company have carved their place in the underground alternative scene. Their reputation continues with new single 'Vivarium', blending Shoegaze with Grunge, this track is the perfect moody summer hit.

Listen to 'Vivarium':


  • Are We Hunting - 'Sorta Like Me (version 2)'

California-based artist, Are We Hunting, the moniker of California songwriter Ryan Ayala, shares the new single 'Sorts Like Me'. Often described as Melancholic, Sorta Like Me lends itself to a more playful and light approach. As with Are We Hunting's past releases, the storytelling theme carries strong, whilst crafting a strong melody and hook to carry the par 3-minute offering.

Listen to Sorta Like Me (version 2):


  • Vinyl Williams - Electric Electric

7th album deep, this is not Vinyl Williams' first rodeo which is clear in the LA-based artist's new single 'Electric Blue'. There's a certain old-aged feeling attached to Electric Electric, a sense of maturity in the songwriting - a reserved yet exciting blend of celestial pop. Vinyl Williams has prepped his new album for release later this year -- It's described as his most orchestrated exoplanet experience thus far. Following this Spring's preview cut "Petroglyph," he is releasing his new album 'Aeterna' on August 4th via Harmony Records.

Listen to Electric Electric:


  • Stephan Jaymes - Chief Inspector

L.A based multi-instrumentalist Stephan Jaymes shares his latest single 'Chief Inspector'. Showing once again, the perfect blend of the folk-punk sensibilities we've come to know as a signature trait of Jaymes' songwriting style, Chief Inspector marries the mystique of Leonard Cohen, with the playfulness of Prince. Jaymes describes the song as "a Jungian tale of a man who once locked up his shadow and is now hunted by it." This will be the first in a series of four tracks dropping this summer.

Listen to Chief Inspector:



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