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Black Hat share haunting single Favourite Place

Released as a B-side to single 'Leave Us', Georgia's Black Hat share 'Favourite Place'

Psychedelia bands are often found to miss the trick a little in modern times, however, Black Hat certainly do not fall into this category. They're a band who wear the influences of modern Psych and artists of traditional 60's on their sleeves yet carve a way for their unique eerie-gothic sound to flourish.

A blend of apocalyptic folk and melancholy psych, 'Favourite Place' is a reverb-drenched delight. With a tribal like beat opening the song, you're lucky if you're not guided down this rabbit hole, following the effortless trance of vocals - ending up in a gothic-spaghetti-western. A place we're happy for Black Hat to lead us.

An un-pretentious yet bold offering that leaves us wanting more from these Savannah dreamers.


Listen to Favourite Place here

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