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10 Years of Speedy Wunderground!

The London-based independent record label with a cult-like status celebrates 10 years with Village Underground anniversary party and limited edition boxset, ‘The Dubs - Vol. 1.’

Credit: Holly Whitaker

In 2013, producer Dan Carey launched Speedy Wunderground. In 10 years, with Alexis Smith and Pierre Hall also at the helm, it has become one of the most revered indie labels. Its unique approach to music production and skill in finding new leftfield talent has resulted in some of the most innovative, genre-defying music of recent years.

The raw, energetic, and unpolished sound the label is known for is largely thanks to the ‘Dan Carey Method’; a one-day recording session which favours spontaneity and creativity over perfection. There are famously no more than two takes allowed per song, no lunch break, and the track is quickly mastered and pressed before there is a chance of anyone getting cold feet.

This method is clearly nothing if not effective, with the label responsible for releasing the debut singles and earliest material of a wide range of well-established acts including Squid, black midi, Black County, New Road, Loyle Carner, Kae Tempest, and The Lounge Society. The label’s ethos, which is grounded in music production being a collaborative experience between artists and producers, has created a strong sense of community among artists and fans alike. Carey famously only works with bands he feels have something to say, ‘I know not all music is based around lyrics but I’m really drawn to people who’ve got something they need to communicate.’

Until this year, Speedy Wunderground only released single vinyl tracks with a vocal take on the A-side and a dub version on the B-side. Ever a champion of vinyl as a medium for music consumption, their commitment has resulted in some of the most beautiful and unique vinyl releases in recent years, including black midi’s ‘Ducter/Darkside,’ which features a hand-painted sleeve by artist David Tibet. The 7” box set ‘The Dubs - Vol. 1’ is out on August 4th and is a nod to this history. Limited to 250 copies, it contains 10 discs and 20 tracks of the original Savage Gary (Dan Carey) dub remixes from their now iconic singles series. The set includes some of Carey’s favourite tracks from across the decade, as well as one completely new dub remix of Honeyglaze’s ‘Burglar’, named ‘Savage Gary’s Robber Dub Dub Remix.’

On Saturday 16th September, the box set will come to life with a curated 7-hour celebration at the iconic Village Underground with a lineup of as yet unnamed Speedy Wunderground alumni past, present, and future.


Buy tickets for Speedy Wunderground's 10th anniversary party here

Pre-order 'The Dubs Vol.1' here

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