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TAAHLIAH returns with her first release of 2022, an exhilarating and weighty club track.

Words by Callie Winch

TAAHLIAH is back. Her new single ‘Bodies’ acts as the first of three individual single releases, each planning to be dropped on the meteorological seasons of this year.

Moving away from the hyper-pop influences that flooded her critically acclaimed debut EP, TAAHLIAH’s new single ‘Bodies’ moves towards a more contemporary techno beat. Pushing the boundaries of what we previously have seen from the Glaswegian artist, the new single amalgamates catchy synth hooks and heavy percussion to create a new texture of TAAHLIAH’s signature sound.

'Bodies' artwork

This track has TAAHLIAH joining forces with Luca Eck, one of the most promising Berlin-bred talents in the world of techno right now, who has gained recognition from individuals such as Amelie Lens and ARTE.

This new single demonstrates a big move for TAAHLIAH and has cemented her as an extremely versatile artist, and one to watch. After being dubbed as a ‘rising star’ by the likes of Mixmag, DJ Mag and Dazed, I’m sure this first single is just the beginning of a very exciting year for TAAHLIAH.


Listen to 'Bodies' here

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