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Speedy Wunderground's Moreish Idols share "Between These Ears"

Words by Maisy Banks

After the success of their debut EP Float as well as their most recent release Nocturnal Creatures, Moreish Idols return with their latest single 'Between These Ears', a fruit of their recent sessions with producer Dan Carey of Speedywunder.

Photo Credit: Sophie Black

It begins with clarinet, jagged and untethered from tonality or structural binding. It’s this loose instrumentation that sets the scene of uncertainty; it’s a ‘silhouette of someone not quite at home anywhere,..’. However, it seems rather than ‘wading in the mud’, as described by the band, we instead encounter a much more nonchalant character than in previous releases. There’s an ease to the track, although undoubtedly lost, and navigating some sort of limbo there is a sense of freedom in the looseness, the clarinet, which starts as quite abrasive, soon adopts a dreamlike sound that implies more of a float than an a struggle. Between These Ears showcases a playfulness to the band, floating through a dreamy indie haze, a reverie brought by the clarinet is woven with a subtle melancholic tone, it depicts someone adrift, “somewhere in-between making and missing the point.”.

The track seems to be a rather blasé depiction of a dissatisfied character betwixt and between, bumbling through a fruitless void, that, apart from being a sprawling abyss is perhaps oddly comforting.


Catch Moreish Idols live:

16.04 - Outertown Festival, Bristol

0.06 - Brighten The Corners Festival, Ipswich

'Between These Ears' Out now on Speedy Wunderground Listen HERE

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