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Peter Martin share's new offering 'Out Like a Light'

'Out Like a Light' by Peter Martin is a captivating addition to the newcomer's repertoire, following the success of 'Not The Same' and 'Musical Chairs'.

Formerly leading Brighton's Zooni, Peter Martin continues to deliver poignant and introspective beauty in his music. In this latest release, melancholic lyricism intertwines seamlessly with lilting guitars and gentle beats, crafting a track that delves into the depths of modern British ennui. Martin's ability to capture such emotional depth is evident, making "Out Like a Light" a compelling listen that resonates long after the music fades.

Martin explains "Rather unfortunately I can still relate to the themes of despondency and boredom with adult life - making money, missing buses, finding it hard to pay attention to things I once enjoyed. So it’s a bit of a melancholy song but I quite like how most of the lyrics have a comic side to them too. At its core it’s about this abstract feeling of having lost something; a feeling that might just come with the territory of being in your late twenties.”


Listen to 'Out Like a Light'

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