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Nottingham newcomers Midnight Rodeo share hypnotic debut cut ‘Now You’re Gone’

Words by Ursa Gregson

After reading the name of the single I needed swift respite from the echoes of a similarly-titled seminal Basshunter classic round my head and so tucked into Midnight Rodeo's offering without delay. Markedly different from aforementioned masterwork, MR's 'Now You're Gone' is a three minute helping of psychedelic rock, an exercise in Morricone-tinted dream pop and anthem climax, drawing influence from Allah Las, Juniore, La Luz, Pinky Floyd and just a little Brian Jonestown. It did indeed clear my palette and nip me out to that ayahuasca desert stadium wherein lies no Scandi-bass whatsoever.

Photo Credit: Jack Stoddart

The six piece - comprised of Maddy Chamberlain (vocals, tambourine), James McBride (guitar, vocals), William Crumpton (guitar, vocals), Harry Taylor (bass) and Ferg Moran (drums) - explain: "‘Now You're Gone’ laments the sometimes frustratingly ephemeral nature of life, and the futility of "chasing a time that we know is over."”

Chasing that good old golden time with a whiff of organ, a huff of crunch guitar and a good toke of pleasingly verb-laden vocal, we can only hope that Midnight Rodeo find the strength to go on and bring forth new sonic life in the near future.


Stream 'Now You're Gone'

Midnight Rodeo Online

Live Dates

16th Apr - The Chameleon, Nottingham

19th Apr - Dead Wax, Birmingham

30th Apr - Acid Box, Brighton

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