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Moreish Idols Sign To Speedy Wunderground, Share Debut Single 'Speedboat'

Words by Ursa Gregson

Venice, midsummer. Jude Lilley alights on a weathered step to wolf down his pizza and beer, away from the opulent hubbub of tourist-trap Venedig. Suddenly a pounding EDM kick-drum cleaves the calm lapping waters in two and a vast speedboat slides into frame. A slick, well-built man in wraparound shades and polo top appears, selecting a tightly wrapped parcel from a heap, steps from the deck onto the hallowed stones of the waterside and hand-delivers it to a swish apartment. The man leisurely strides back to his glistening vessel, hops on, and speeds off to make his next illicit drop amongst the spires and canals. That was the moment that Jude Lilley knew he wanted to be a postman in Venice.

Photo credit: Holly Whitaker

Speedy Wunderground continue their immaculate run of label signings by adding a new five-piece to their ranks today with London's Moreish Idols - the new single, Speedboat, was of course produced by eminent Speedy Wunderkind Dan Carey. Born from humble beginnings in a Cornish coastal town, the band recently relocated to the capital, expanding scope in the process to create something that not only stands apart from their peers, but also manages that aural diversity song to song within the same set.

'Speedboat' artwork

Created with a strictly implemented manifesto: writing solely as a group so as to allow the blending of each member's widely divergent personalities and influences. This melded a sound that combines jazz, funk, krautrock, dub and punk into something decidedly... moreish.

"Speedboat" - their first release for the label, with more to follow soon - finds the group at warp speed, crafting a sonic metaphor for the glitz and hectic pace of the lifestyle their song concerns. If I tried to play hi-hats that fast for that long I would almost certainly get a hernia or at the very least carpal tunnel syndrome, so, jolly good show, chums. An endlessly satisfying rock and roll bassline underpins the fury and arranges a perfectly fresh and sumptuous salad-bed for the choice, choice meat of the vocal lines to lay upon. Lilley's lilting verses and the rallying cry of "...a postman... in Venice..." compliment each other like crisp euros and an ounce of gak, a dozen oysters and a divine chablis. The sax and guitar are, as ever, sexy, loose, consummate... moreish. Bring me another package, gentlemen.

Watch the video for 'Speedboat' below:


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