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Luce Rushton shares debut EP 'Slinky'

Luce Rushton's debut EP, 'Slinky', released today through Sad Club Records, marks a compelling entrance into the alt-pop scene. Demonstrating a rare authenticity as both a songwriter and musician, Rushton presents a multi-faceted collection of tracks that not only showcase their musical prowess but also delve deep into personal and social themes with poignant sincerity.

Credit: Jody Evans

The EP's title track, 'Slinky', stands out as a prime example of Rushton's unique sound. Built upon layers of shimmering guitars and synth, the track is elevated by Rushton's keening vocals, which add an ethereal quality to the music. The word 'Slinky' itself is a powerful metaphor for Rushton. As they explain, it reflects their evolving comfort with femininity and masculinity—a theme that resonates throughout the EP. This slinkiness, or fluidity, between genders is expressed not only in the lyrics but also in the fluid, almost dreamlike quality of the music.

Across the five tracks on 'Slinky', Rushton paints an intimate portrait of life as a young queer artist in the early 21st century. The songs are a blend of personal reflections and broader social observations, infused with a wry sense of humor that adds depth and relatability to the EP. Each track invites the listener into Rushton's world, offering a glimpse into their experiences and the challenges they face, all while maintaining a sense of hope and resilience.

In support of the EP's release, Luce Rushton will be performing a special headline show at the George Tavern on June 13th. This performance promises to be a celebration of the EP and an opportunity for fans to experience Rushton's captivating presence and unique sound live.

Overall, 'Slinky' is a promising debut that not only establishes Luce Rushton as a talented musician but also as a thoughtful and authentic voice in the alt-pop genre. The EP is a testament to Rushton's ability to blend personal experience with universal themes, creating music that is both deeply personal and widely relatable. Fans of alt-pop and those interested in exploring the nuanced experiences of queer artists will find much to appreciate in 'Slinky'.


Listen to 'Slinky' here

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