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Low Girl Release Their Anticipated New EP, 'Uh-Oh'

Written by James Mellen

Following 2022’s slew of razor-sharp singles, alt-pop upstarts Low Girl have finally released their much-anticipated sophomore EP, ‘Uh-Oh’. Whereas previous project ‘Big Now’ teetered more on a bedroom pop aesthetic, ‘Uh-Oh’ sets a new benchmark for the band, delivering a squeaky-clean batch of refined pop polish.

Photo Credit: Neil McCarty

Helmed by lead single ‘Knees’, this new EP barrels through a myriad of sonic territories but feels wholly consistent and focused. With a foundation rooted in guitar-based indie, synth infections and more soulful moments appear aplenty across the record. Opener and title track ‘Uh-Oh’ delivers modern indie-soul sensibilities, channelling sonics thrown into the mainstream as a result of Arctic Monkeys’ recent output. The track grooves gently and woozily, with Sarah Cosgrove’s vocal work more mature and solid than ever. Her soft croon is a sweet juxtaposition against the jam-packed instrumental, which culminates in a fuzz-laden bridge, Cosgrove’s vocals feeling breathless and raw.

‘Bored’ boasts some of the most immaculate guitar work the project has to offer, crunchy and sometimes lo-fi in nature. Every production choice on ‘Uh-Oh’ has clearly been curated carefully; nothing feels out of place, over-produced or there for no reason. Closer ‘Scared’ changes the channel to conclude the EP, a sombre acoustic moment that serves as four minutes to catch their breath and round this era off. Ambient soundscapes fill the backdrop, accompanied by heavy synthesiser basses, then Cosgrove’s vocal being perfectly placed on top.

Low Girl have kicked off their year by trademarking their unique brand of soulful, fuzzy guitar music, bolstered by clean production and infectious melodies galore. It is an incredibly strong start to 2023, and with a group so early in their career, it only shows that they have unlimited talent and potential to offer.


Listen to 'Uh-Oh' here

Catch Low Girl live:

Thu 02 Feb | Cambridge, UK - The Portland Arms

Fri 03 Feb | Hitchin, UK - Club 85

Sat 04 Feb | Portsmouth, UK - Wedgewood Rooms

Sun 05 Feb | St Albans, UK - The Horn

Tue 28 Feb | London, UK - The Lexington

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