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Langkamer Draw On Their Indie Folk Roots In New Single 'Soul Bucket'

Words by Dominic Rose

I need to get something off my chest before this review. I adore Langkamer. Their blend of irreverent yet deeply sentimental folk speaks to many different facets of my own musical journey, and so upon listening to their new track “Soul Bucket” it only took the opening twang before I had an oversized grin on my face. That is to say, this track offers exactly what it puts in — for those that heard their debut album “West Country” this will be a joyous return to their world, with Josh Jarman’s wit and scratchy, beautifully lofi guitars offering both character and an intimate, homespun aesthetic.

Released on Breakfast Records, this track is a perfect fit for the wilt of winter eves as we blissfully meld our way back into spring. Instantly spawning into a classic, the lyrics “there’s a hole in my bucket...” delicately transcend the song & become a final refrain that at once draws from the traditions of folk, tearing familiar & oft heard before lyrics from their context, while yet exploring a new meaning through modernised sight. In a world of loud guitars & theatrical panache, Langkamer revel in their own understated beauty.

Find them at your nearest venue now because I promise you, listening to them live with all that pringle-tube amp goodness only heightens an already captivating bunch of players.


Catch Langkamer live:

April 29th - London Shacklewell Arms

May 6th - Sheffield Delicious Clam

May 13th - Brighton The Alt Escape

May 14th - Brighton The Great Escape

May 28th - Bristol Dot to Dot

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