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Jack Flanagan shares new single 'Gravy Train'

Words by Ursa Gregson

‘Gravy Train’ is the new single from Jack Flanagan and the third track to be released from his upcoming debut solo album ‘Rides The Sky’, a compilation of sorts plucked from ten years of Flanagan's writing. An indie romp teeming with pop chops (chops no doubt honed during Jack's time as bassist for Mystery Jets), 'Gravy Train' licks and stomps its way to a crescendo chorus and touches frankly on personal trials and tribulations.

Watch the video for Jack's previous single 'Skyhorse x Skyhorse' :

Jack elaborates:

“Late nights, addled mindsets, hedonism, eating disorders and inflated ego - all of these things went into Gravy Train. I had just broken up with my first girlfriend and was mentally all over the place. I was feeling pretty open to anything at the time. The line about my sexuality “can’t decide if I’m straight or gay” is laced with sarcasm. To me sexuality isn’t that dumb. It was about looking at everybody around me and taking them at face value. Romantically and platonically. Male or female.”


listen to 'Gravy Train'

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