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High Vis have shared new single 'Fever Dream' from upcoming second album 'Blending'

Words by Ursa Gregson

'Fever Dream', the second single taken from the record (following 'Talk For Hours' earlier this year), sees High Vis toting a kaleidoscope of influences - Echo & The Bunnymen, Fugazi, Oasis, Ride, the Roses and even Flock of Seagulls, apparently - and distilling them into a baggy-infused, sun-soaked anthem of nostalgia and hazy days that'll tug at the heartstrings of anyone who got a good pill-poisoning at Spike Island (or wishes they had been born early enough to do so).

Photo credit: Simon Wellington

High Vis were spawned from the same UKHC underground that gave us Chubby & The Gang, High Power, The Chisel etc (this track even features guest vocals from Chubby Charles and Fucked Up's Jonah Falco) and although you couldn't necessarily pin that particular label on High Vis' latest offerings, the passion and brutal ennui of hardcore remain plain for all to see and savour. That's what gives this song such an edge - despite clear influences it's not a rehash or pale imitation of baggy or Britpop, nor of hardcore; some of the best and most honest elements of those movements compliment High Vis' personal touch and raw-edged style.

Guitarist Martin Macnamara elaborates:

"'Fever Dream' was written during the hottest days of summer and is about a kind of existential aimlessness that is at its best and worst during that time of the year - when it's easy to feel more alive, but the longer, empty days can do bad things to overactive minds. Musically it walks a narrow line between that sense of hope and despair but emphasises the former by nodding towards a baggy, swirling Northern sound."

'Fever Dream' comes accompanied by a video - directed by Simon B. Wellington - that perfectly captures the nostalgic haze at the track's core. As Wellington offers:

"The video for ‘Fever Dream’ was shot over the course of three years and assembled as a kaleidoscopic document of the highs and lows of life as a band. Through intimate studio, tour and live footage we were aiming to capture the essence of a band bridging the gap between nostalgic reflection and a newly realised optimism. It’s the sound of summer in the capital; chaotic nights blending into aimless days."

'Blending' is out on the 9th of September.


UK Tour Dates:

Jun 25th | Manchester - Outbreak Fest at Bowlers Exhibition Centre July 1st | London - The George Tavern ~ July 7th | Cheltenham - 2000 Trees Festival Aug 15th | London - Underworld ! Aug 19th | London - All Points East Festival Nov 10th | London - Underworld # ~ w/ Island of Love ! w/ Fiddlehead & Militarie Gun # w/ The Chisel, Ironed Out, Nekra

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