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Hideous Mink's Fresh Picks!

Hideous Mink's weekly recommendations - 5 tracks we've had on repeat this week.

Words by Ursa Gregson

  • NUMCHA 'Ladybird'

Numcha's 'Ladybird' is a balmy dream-pop wonder, ready to take you by the hand and lead you into summer. The Thai singer-songwriter only released her debut single late in 2019, but 'Ladybird' is such a consummate and confident track you'd think she'd been gracing stages for far longer. A kick-snare combination to get your feet moving and lush, sweet vocals and synths to tug on the 'eartstrings. Check the video out below:


  • FRIENDLY FACES 'I Wanna Live In Europe One Day'

Friendly Faces - an indie-folk outfit from Chicago comprised of Cameron Goulder, Griffin Mang and Jakob Morris - have shared new cut 'I Wanna Live In Europe One Day'. A sound as day-dreamy and wistful (and maybe as stoned) as the title might suggest, it's a slacker-indie slice that nods to Pavement and Daniel Johnston, with a gaze-infused lead guitar section that takes you to that Illinois hillside, arms behind your head, flowers swaying in the breeze, watching the clouds form the shapes of various EU-member states. And England. But probably not England. Check out the video below:


  • PARALLEL 'Orchid'

Parallel's 'Orchid' treads the more austere corner of dream-pop, drawing on the post-punk psychedelia of bands like The Chameleons, Sad Lovers and Giants and the 4AD pantheon as well as the minimalist atmospherics of Slowdive, Wire, and Low. Beautiful layering and a mesmerisingly-paced rhythm section give you all that you need and want from this kind of shoe gaze finery whilst staying fresh and engaging. The track is taken from their eponymous mini-album, out now on Cherub Dream Records. The band are currently in the thick of a West Coast tour, from Vancouver to Tijuana. Check it out below:


  • DEATH HAGS 'This ∞ Mind'

'This ∞ Mind' is the latest offering from Death Hags, aka the solo project of French born LA singer-songwriter Lola G. The impressive and expertly timed dynamics that Death Hags manage to fit into the scant two and a half minutes of this track are its greatest asset, and the synth-bass sneak-attack that comes after the heady and almost shamanic opening bring it right home. Lola G herself coined the genre term 'doom-pop', which 'This ∞ Mind's apocalyptic dreaminess is testament to. The album 'Big Grey Sun #4' will be out on 13th May and is available to preorder now. Watch the video below:



'Dark Thoughts About A Pretty Flower' is the new single by brother-and-sister duo The Lovelines. At almost exactly three minutes it's a solid and sexy blast of jazz-inspired pop, with fat, 1990-style drums that stray occasionally into breakbeat. The tune builds subtly but surely and ends in a hypnotic repetition of 'dark thoughts, pretty flower', the cadence of which is all dark neo-soul and Bond credits. Statement piece indeed.

Check the track, as well as previous released song 'Strange Kind Of Love' below:


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