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Diner Share Latest Track 'Everyone's Arrived' From Debut Album.

Brighton alt-indie duo Diner share ‘Everyone’s Arrived,’ the last track to be taken from their debut album Fold, out now on Show Your Hand Records & complete with an eerie 3D-animated video by award winning videographer Nader Taghan.

Everyone’s Arrived is an opaque, exhilarating mix of art-rock, post-rock, and Krautrock, recalling fellow Brighton band Electrelane in its dark intensity whilst also touching on Diner’s signature sonic vision - the uneasiness of Lynch, the repetition of Can, the drones of Saharan blues, and the dense atmosphere of Eno.

Befittingly for the album’s finale, ‘Everyone’s Arrived’ is a song about the party at the end of the world. As lead singer Clark Left says, “The comet is coming and everyone’s dancing, but some people want to make sure that they’re seen at the best party in town.”

The video, created by Nader Taghan, is the third in his series of Diner visuals (following ‘Arm The Ridge’ and ‘Stay Down’ videos), which all occupy the same world. It was inspired by a conversation about what the pilgrimage to the last party on Earth would be like. As Taghan expands “I quite liked the solitude and style of Hopper's Nighthawks (and that it was set in a Diner!), and I tried to capture that tone with some added awkwardness and a sense of foreboding.”

Fold is available now, digitally and on vinyl through Show Your Hand Records.


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