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DEADLETTER's Zac Lawrence shares "Man Overboard"

Words by Jed Morgans

"Man Overboard" is not just a song but an experience, weaving together elements of emotion and artistry

Photo credit: Joe Mulville

Zac Lawrence, known best as DEADLETTER's infectious 5-piece frontman, today reveals another facet, unveiling the stripped-back gem "Man Overboard." Drawing inspiration from classic American singer-songwriters like Towns Van Zandt and Bob Dylan, Lawrence's solo effort carries the torch of timeless musical storytelling. The raw, emotive vocals paired with acoustic simplicity create an intimate atmosphere, offering listeners a poignant glimpse into the artist's soul.

"If DEADLETTER is me howling at the moon in a faraway valley, then this is me making small talk with a lamp in my bedroom.” Lawrence adds“I’d been re-reading the Grapes Of Wrath when writing this (hence the Steinbeck name check) and used the setting of depression-era America to emphasise the despair and abandonment that a drinking problem prompts.”

As Lawrence announces his debut album, "The Hate," anticipation builds for what promises to be a compelling addition to his growing musical landscape on its release on December 1st, 2023.


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