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Colchester quartet Anorak Patch release dizzying rhythmic escapade ‘Paris Will Be Paid For’

Words by Orlando Niebles

Anorak Patch are making deep tracks in the post-punk landscape, presenting their newest single ahead of their EP ‘Cousin Sam’ released through fast-rising indie label Nice Swan Records. The group, comprised of Effie Lawrence, Eleanor Helliwell, Oscar Ryland and Luca Ryland, have gone from strength to strength since the release of their debut single Beans in January 2020.

Photo Credit: Geoff Lawrence

The song combusts into existence with a repetitive, atonal riff teamed with a drone-like synth line which is at once alarming and enticing. The listener is catapulted into a washing-machine cycle of poly-rhythms whilst grappling with a narrative that sends us into multiplex rural dreamscapes, juxtaposed against the colloquial and quotidian connotations of the words:

‘In a quandary, in a sanctum, in a guesthouse in Southampton [...]

/Spread the words and set us free, the only ones are you and me.’

The band’s guitarist, Oscar Ryland, says the following of the words: ‘The lyrics, like the music itself, are absurd and silly. Nothing is taken too seriously and is all very tongue-in-cheek and a joke. We find lyrics don’t often have to be about much, as long as the syllables fit and there’s a nice melody.’

The group had set no goalposts with this song, and though the ascending chorus is suggestive of a destination, the song impressively achieves a sense of endlessness and nomadic wandering, with the tempo steady against polyrhythms and cross-currents. The mesmerising sonic journey sees us caught in an ever-changing whirlwind of imagery, yet somehow still entirely engrossed until the last second. The EP is out on the 29th April, and this adventurous and addictive single leaves us in restless anticipation.


Anorak Patch are: Effie Lawrence, Vocals/Keyboards (17) Eleanor Helliwell, Bass (16) Oscar Ryland, Guitar (18) Luca Ryland, Drums/Vocals (15)

Pre-order 'By Cousin Sam' HERE

Anorak Patch Live Dates:

28th April - The Social, London (Supporting Lime Garden) SOLD OUT 6th May - Hanwell Hootie Festival, Ealing - Tickets Here 7th May - Are You Listening Festival, Reading - Tickets Here

By Cousin Sam out 29th April via Nice Swan Records

Pre-order Here 1.Intro 2.Cousin Sam 3.Paris Will Be Paid For 4.Irate 5.Delilah 6.Blue Jeans 7.Pollyfiller

Anorak Patch socials:

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