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Bristol's SALOON DION share explosive cut 'Pressure'

Words By Dominic Rose

Power-ballads be damned. The latest offering from Saloon Dion punches a hole in the wall & then sprints off before you can even reply. A fury of pressure & mounting frustrations leaks from the edges of the recording, recalling the pains of living & moreover the blinding rage inspired from a creative job that can’t even afford to reimburse its most sought performers.

Photo Credit: Seren Carys

Turning the page on a Saloon Dion format, this song does away with firm tongue cheeks & doesn’t miss. Rambunctious rage spawns from this track and, like a grease fire in heat, that illicit spark that kickstarts the blaze continues until the embers of the synths dwindle & the shouted words “I’m looking for a change in circumstance!” run rampant in your mind.

It’s quite a sonic achievement to suspend time’s measures so much so that a 2min song travels long in your heart & becomes an odyssey. This song has had me barking “Stay!” at every moving object in my periphery for a few days now. If only they’d listen.

Drawing equal measures from the riotous hardcore scene (Black Flag, Minor Threat..) as it does from the wonky post guitar bops of New York in the 80’s, the sound of this record is not something the shy away from - as it will stare you directly in the eyes & command you to offer up your attention for more than its admittedly short run time.

Don’t flinch, and definitely go & see Saloon live soon - if not also to pick up one of those coveted Dior T-shirts. Mine’s a medium, thanks

Give it a listen:


Saloon Dion Online

Live Dates

6th May - The Exchange, Bristol

18th May - The Shacklewell Arms, London (w/ Grandma’s House)

28th May - Dot 2 Dot Festival, Bristol

19th June - The 100 Club, London (w/ The Rills)

24th Sept - Float Along Festival, Sheffield

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