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Alien Chicks Share Latest EP Reveal 'Curtains Up'

Updated: Jul 16

Punk risers Alien Chicks have unleashed a gripping new effort, 'Curtains Up', released via Hideous Mink Records and SO Recordings. The track marks the third and final reveal from their eagerly anticipated debut EP, "Indulging The Mobs," set to drop on July 18th.

'Curtains Up' is a visceral and electrifying piece that showcases Alien Chicks' raw energy and punk ethos. The track opens with a punchy riff and quickly escalates into a whirlwind of aggressive vocals and frenetic instrumentation. Alien Chicks' signature sound—marked by biting lyrics and an unapologetic attitude—is on full display here, making 'Curtains Up' a standout track that demands attention.

The accompanying music video, directed by Celia Hackford & Nancy Collective, equally intense and dynamic, adds a visual layer to the track's gritty atmosphere. It's clear that Alien Chicks are not just making music; they're creating an immersive experience that captures the spirit of punk in its most authentic form. With this release, Alien Chicks have not only solidified their place in the punk scene but have also set the stage for their debut EP.

'Curtains Up' follows the biting lead single 'Steve Buscemi' and the frenetic follow-up 'Qwerty' each track contributing to the growing anticipation for the full EP. Fans can look forward to the EP's release on July 18th and can catch the band on their upcoming headline tour across the UK, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Alien Chicks are undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with, and 'Curtains Up' is a testament to their talent and punk spirit. Don't miss out on this gripping new effort and the chance to see them live on tour this summer and autumn.


Listen to 'Curtains Up' here


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